Takaoka Toko supports the electric power infrastructure in Japan.
Take a look at Takaoka Toko through various contents.

Takaoka Toko is a company that
aims to help all people live better lives.

Takaoka Toko, which handles electric power infrastructure and energy, provides total support for electric power networks, develops new technologies for a better life for everyone, and operates not only in Japan but also around the world.

For the people of the world, for the earth.
We want to help you live a safe, secure, and prosperous life.

Products & Services

Here are some examples of Takaoka Toko's products and services. You will also find installation examples.

Integrating the technologies we have cultivated in power distribution systems, we support customers in constructing and operating power plants. We develop and provide reliable power equipment.

Investor Relations

Takaoka Toko aims to become a comprehensive energy service provider. Its initiatives and ideals, as well as investment benefits are described here.

The contents include management policy, business performance, and IR materials, which are the latest information for investors and allow you to understand the efforts of Takaoka Toko in detail.

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