AOI (Automated Optical Inspection)Thermal Warpage Inspection System HVI-S10000C-RC/EC

Thermal Warpage Inspection System HVI-S10000C-RC/EC

The HVI series systems can create temperature control profiles and measure the warpage of a substrate placed on the dedicated tray at high speed and with high accuracy under various temperature environments. Not only the warpage, but the height and co-planarity of bumps/balls/LGAs can also be measured simultaneously. In addition, both round and flattened bumps can be measured.


Thermal Warpage Inspection, Warpage Measurement, Reflow Warpage Simulation

Unlike general warpage inspection equipment, this inspection system does not require sample preparation such as bump removal or spray treatment and is capable of warpage measurement with bumps and parts on substrate as they are, with nondestructive condition at various temperature conditions including reflow profiles.

The field-of-view size has been greatly increased to 41 × 33 mm, enabling fast and high-precision inspection.

The inspection system can handle workpiece sizes up to 160 × 136 mm and is equipped with a high-speed convection heating/cooling chamber.

Inspection items/Applications

For substrate package simulation, R&D of substrate, development of substrate material, development of camera module, environmental test for automotive applications


HVI-S10000C-RC HVI-S10000C-EC
Main use Reflow simulation Environmental test
Heating temperature Room temperature ~ 300℃ -55℃ ~ 260℃ (Target)
Heating method Convection
Measurement range 160mm × 136mm
Z-measurement range Max. 4mm
XY-resolution 11μmm
Z-resolution 0.1μm


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