Corporate philosophy and vision and credo

Corporate philosophy and vision and credo

Corporate philosophy

TAKAOKA TOKO:Toward a Bright Future | To create new value together with our customers・To reach the hiest level of manufacturing・To constantly strive to create boundless, innovative changes

Three Visions

TAKAOKA TOKO will leverage its accumulated technology to realize three visions.

  • We will become the NO.1 provider of total support for electric power networks.

    We will unify our technologies cultivated through electric power distribution systems to support our customers’ electric power plants, from design to operation. We will develop and deliver electric power equipment that sets the standard for reliability.

  • We will establish novel business pillars through new technology development in metering, transmission, and control system.

    We will leverage our accumulated technology in such fields as power electronics and energy conservation, and develop new eco/energy solutions and electronics business.

  • We will continue to expand our global customer base.

    With cutting-edge technology nurtured in Japan, we will offer overseas customers solutions that are optimal for their needs, achieving growth on a global scale.


To realize our vision based on our corporate philosophy, "Takaoka Toko Credo" expresses clearly and practically the grounds for thinking and acting as a common belief and value throughout the company, including employees and managers.


The emblem of our determination to pioneer boundless possibilities “T-infinity”


“T” is the first letter of the words “Technology,” “Try” and “TAKAOKA TOKO” By combining the letter “T” with the symbol of”∞” (infinity), the emblem stands for our determination to pioneer unlimited possibilities based on technologies and abundant experiences.