Strengths of Takaoka Toko

Five strengths of Takaoka Toko developed over its 100-year history, and evolving further into the future

The Takaoka Toko Group has been working to support power networks under its corporate philosophy: “to create new value together with our customers,” “to reach the highest level of manufacturing,” and “to constantly strive to create boundless, innovative changes.”
Making the most of its five strengths developed through its history, the company will conduct business in response to demand for advanced and diverse forms of energy use toward carbon neutrality. Moreover, Takaoka Toko intends to incorporate the customer’s point of view and provide dependable services as a comprehensive energy service provider, revolutionizing its core business and pioneering new business fields.

Five strengths of Takaoka Toko

Ability to provide comprehensive support for constructing and operating entire power networks

We combine the technologies we have developed with power distribution systems, and provide our customers with comprehensive support services for solving challenges they face, including the construction, operation, and digitization of power plants, as well as system analysis tailored to difficulties associated with the future introduction of large quantities of renewable energy.

Ability to provide solutions in advanced technology areas such as next-generation networks

Having participated in demonstration projects such as on-island, off-grid, semi-off-grid, and P2G, we have striven to improve our EMS technology. As the market for independent local energy business is expected to grow, we will pursue next-generation power distribution business in the future, utilizing DAS/DERMS technology. Moreover, in addition to the power and energy areas, we will refine our semiconductor inspection technology at an accelerated pace, placing us in the top tier of the high-grade market.

Ability to conduct business and provide solutions on a global scale

Takaoka Toko is a company that offers comprehensive support services for power networks, combining the power infrastructure business it specializes in and the GX solutions business it conducts for the effective use of energy. The company helps build a sustainable society through its business activities adapted to its customers’ advanced and diverse use of energy.

Ability to develop human resources, strengthening individuals and leveraging individual strengths

We develop human resources who work enthusiastically to achieve the goal, passing down accumulated techniques and expertise principally by means of on-the-job training supplemented by off-the-job training programs. Furthermore, we are committed to building a corporate culture that enables diverse people to play an active role, and to developing personnel strategies closely aligned with the management strategy.

Ability to promote DX combining kaizen expertise and digital technology

We update our business model and improve productivity and work efficiency through synergy between digital technology and continuously pursued corporate-wide kaizen activities. Along with these approaches, we make innovations possible by utilizing leading-edge digital technology and data to help solve social challenges such as decarbonization, disaster prevention, and disaster resilience.