History of Takaoka Toko

Takaoka Toko Co., Ltd. was formed through the merger of Takaoka Electric Mfg. Co., Ltd., which specialized in handling transformers and other products, and Toko Electric Corporation, which took on the manufacture of electric appliances and performed electrical work.

The newly established company concentrated and reorganized the corporate resources of the two companies to meet the needs of society with improved competitiveness and speed.

Current business of Takaoka Toko

Electric power generated at power stations is delivered to you via a long path. At various points along this path, Takaoka Toko products play an active role. The company’s brand-name recognition may not be so high. However, the contribution it makes to the world’s electricity business is considerable.

Takaoka Toko built energy management systems for smart grids ahead of its competitors, and is implementing projects in Japan and abroad.

Future of Takaoka Toko

Handling power infrastructure and energy, Takaoka Toko provides comprehensive support for power networks and works on the development of innovative technologies to improve people’s lives. The company conducts its activities with the world as well as Japan in mind.

We will be supporting safe, secure, and affluent lives for people all over the world, and the future of the Earth.

Envisioning this future, Takaoka Toko pursues its business activities.

Staff essential for the success of Takaoka Toko

Takaoka Toko is a company that helps its employees feel motivated and gain a sense of accomplishment. High expectations are placed on young employees, and substantial tasks are often assigned to them. Even in the second year after joining the company, they take part in important projects and travel overseas for business.

What is paramount in human resource development is described as, “that which develops people is work.” Takaoka Toko adheres to this philosophy in practice. It has a system in place that connects various training programs to OJT. Consequently, employees can undertake major work with a feeling of security.

Takaoka Toko conducts daily business activities thanks to its staff, who take pride in undertaking jobs essential for infrastructure.