Substation EquipmentOil-immersed Transformer

287.5/154/63kV 450/450/225MVA(for domestic)
287.5/154/63kV 450/450/225MVA(for domestic)
110/34.5 V 83MVA(for overseas)
110/34.5 V 83MVA(for overseas)

TAKAOKA TOKO oil-immersed transformer is available in various type, such as voltage, capacity and cooling methods, and we can design to meet your requirements. We have been manufacturing transformers for 90 years, and our high reliability is praised not only from Japan but also from all over the world.


  • High efficiency and low loss
  • Low noise level
  • Strong earthquake resistant
  • Environment friendly
  • Ratings: up to 245kV and 450MVA


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