Charter of Corporate Behavior

Takaoka Toko Group Charter of Corporate Behavior

Established April 1, 2014
Revised August 29, 2023

To realize its corporate philosophy of “Creating new value with our customers,” “Continuing taking on challenges for unlimited change,” and “Pursuing monozukuri,” the Takaoka Toko Group aims to achieve continuous growth while at the same time contributing to solving customers’ issues and realizing a sustainable society by practicing autonomous and responsible corporate behavior. To this end, we will fulfill our social responsibilities with high ethical standards while complying with relevant laws, international rules and their spirit, based on the following principles both in and outside Japan:

Contributing to customers and society and earning their trust

Mindful of our two missions*1 at all times, we will continue to provide SQCD*2 that meet customer needs and products and services that exceed expectations. Through innovation, we will also create and provide solutions for social issues, including carbon neutrality, disaster prevention, and resilience. We will work to earn the satisfaction and trust of our customers and society by providing appropriate information and honest communication regarding such products, services, and solutions.


Our unchanging mission:
To contribute to a rich and comfortable life and the development of socioeconomic activities by providing equipment and systems supporting stable supply and efficient use of electricity.
New mission:
To create solutions for new social issues, including carbon neutrality and the strengthening of disaster prevention and resilience of local communities, and contribute to realizing a sustainable society.


Safety, Quality, Cost, Delivery

Environmental conservation

In all business activities, we will make voluntary and proactive efforts to conserve the environment by giving full consideration to the environment, including protecting the environment, taking good care of things, and promoting recycling.

Fair business activities

We will engage in fair and free competition and appropriate business transactions. We will maintain sound relationships with political and administrative institutions and take a firm stance against antisocial forces.

Ensuring communication and cooperating with local communities

We ensure fair and transparent dissemination and disclosure of corporate information to stakeholders through proactive communication activities, as well as protecting personal and customer information. As a member of the local community, we will also contribute to the development of the community through cooperation and contributions. Overseas, we respect the local culture and customs and work to contribute to local development.

Respect for human rights

We respect the international norms on human rights and respect the human rights of all people in every process of our business activities.

Developing dynamic people and a dynamic organization

We will work to develop dynamic people and a dynamic organization that maximize the strength of our organization as each employee develops his/her expertise and takes on challenges for change as an autonomous and professional business person and as human resources with diverse capabilities, experience, and values come together to co-create. By doing so, we aim to achieve a Win-Win-Win situation where customer satisfaction is achieved, corporate value increases and employee growth and happiness improve.

Thorough crisis management

We will ensure organizational crisis management in preparation for military attacks, natural disasters, cyber attacks, and the spread of infectious diseases, all of which threaten business activities.

Response by top management

Top management will be aware that thorough implementation and realization of the spirit of this charter are their role and responsibility and will take the initiative in their duties. Furthermore, they will constantly monitor the voices within and outside the Takaoka Toko Group, build an effective governance system, and develop a system within the Group. In the event of a breach of this charter, top management will work to solve the problem, investigate the cause, and prevent a recurrence. They will also provide accurate information to society, clarify authority and responsibilities, and take strict disciplinary actions, including against themselves. We also encourage our suppliers to act in accordance with the spirit of this charter.