Message from the President

Toward the Future, Toward the world The TAKAOKA TOKO Group will continue to meet challenges together with our customers. TAKAOKA TOKO CO.,LTD. PRESIDENT(Representaive Director) Toshiro Takebe

The TAKAOKA TOKO Group has continually supported stable and efficient distribution and use of electrical energy for many years by providing various products and systems̶including power substation and distribution facilities, monitoring and control systems, and metering equipment ̶to electric power companies, and for public infrastructure facilities , and general industries. We have made cutting-edge efforts to respond to increasingly sophisticated and diverse power utilization needs for the future, such as Quick Chargers for electric vehicles (EVs), and energy management systems. Electrical energy is said to be "the infrastructure that supports social infrastructure," and from that perspective, our group is made up of true infrastructure companies supporting the distribution and use of electric power itself.

Against this backdrop, we are seeing major changes in the environment surrounding the energy market. As one recent example, it was decided, in light of ”2050 Carbon Neutrality Declaration” which had been declared in 2020, to aim for a 46% reduction in CO2 emissions, relative to fiscal 2013 levels, by fiscal 2030. There is likely to be further acceleration of efforts to achieve decarbonization, such as broader mass adoption of solar, wind, and other renewable energy, full-fledged popularization of EVs, and progress with energy storage batteries and hydrogen technology. Efforts to achieve disaster resistance, resilience, and BCP are also being bolstered by local communities and companies due to the increasing severity of recent natural disasters and the spread of COVID-19. The field of electric power distribution and utilization is also likely to see major changes revolving around the following keywords: hybrid (coexistence of conventional power networks with decentralized networks designed for local production for local consumption and area BCP, etc.), clean (minimization of lifcycle CO2 emissions, total regional dissemination of renewable energy, EVs, and energy storage batteries, etc., and progress of ZEB/ZEH), and smart (digitalization, greater slimness, and rationalization of operations and maintenance).

Our group sees these environment changes as a tremendous business opportunity, and we have formulated and announced our 2030 VISION to indicate where we aim to be ten years from now. By further deepening, evolving, and integrating the technologies we have previously cultivated, and promoting DX (Digital Transformation) through improvement and digitalization, we will actively meet the challenge of ambidextrous management, i.e., accelerating reform (thorough refinement and restructuring of our existing core businesses) with our right hand, while pioneering new areas (creating new businesses, markets, and supplied value) with our left hand. As an integrated energy business provider, we will strive to enhance our corporate value while contributing to the realization of a sustainable society.

Each employee in our group will master specialized technical skills and tackle the challenges of transformation, and diverse, specialized human resources will join together in co-creation. In this way, we will maximize capabilities of our coordinated organization, and meet the challenge of providing S+QCD* and creating added value beyond customer expectations. We look forward to the continued support of customers and stakeholders, as the TAKAOKA TOKO Group makes an energetic push forward through these efforts.

*Safety (ensuring safety and security), Quality (high quality), Cost (reduced cost and improved productivity), and Delivery (short delivery period)