Materials Procurement

We manufacture products used for infrastructure, ranging from those in the power sector to those in the information and communications sector.

Accordingly, the quality required of procured items is high. Moreover, we constantly pursue the best in price and delivery time, as well as in quality, for the sake of customer satisfaction.

This page is provided to widely solicit blue-chip suppliers with superb capabilities (engineering, pricing, and speed) and also to serve as a new means of information dissemination.


Purchasing Management Group,Purchasing Management Division

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Procurement policy

Equal Opportunity

We provide equal opportunity for competition irrespective of nationality, region, and past transactions.


We make fair assessment in accordance with our in-house criteria with regard to quality, pricing, delivery time, supply stability, and environmental consideration.

Mutual Growth

We strive to ensure that both the supplier and we make profits from transactions for mutual prosperity.


We will never disclose confidential information we access through transactions to any outside party.

Green Procurement

Suppliers who give due consideration to environmental conservation and resource saving and are actively making relevant efforts will be treated preferentially.


In conducting procurement activities, we will comply with the applicable laws and regulations and with the Takaoka Toko Group Charter of Corporate Behavior.


Takaoka Toko and the supplier are not allowed to disclose the other party’s confidential information to any third party without the prior written consent of the other party.

  1. Contact from you
    Please use the contact form.
  2. Review by purchasing division
    If you are able to meet our requirements, please furnish us with your company guide, history, and other relevant information.
  3. Contact from you
    We request that you prepare a quotation for a specific project.
  4. Contact from you

    Submit a quotation that meets our quotation conditions by the due date. *1
    In principle, your quotation is valid provided that it meets the applicable specification and other quotation conditions set forth by us.

    *1) Please note that your quotation for processed parts should disclose information on the process sequence and a cost breakdown (materials cost, processing cost, management cost, and profit).

  5. Sample fabrication/evaluation
    We request you to prepare a quotation for a specific project.
  6. Factory/management examination
    We assess your factory and management as to whether they meet our criteria. To purchase your products (services), we need to examine your company and products from comprehensive perspectives of technical capability, production capacity, quality building ability, and management condition, and to find that the results are satisfactory.
  7. Decision on terms and conditions
    An agreement on terms and conditions is reached through consultation.
  8. Sale and purchase agreement
    We request you to conclude a sale and purchase agreement, in principle.
  9. Commencement of transaction
    Business transaction starts.
  10. Delivery and inspection of and payment for products
    We pay for your products after we have confirmed that the delivered products meet our requirements. The payment method is to be established elsewhere.

Procurement information

If you are in the following industry(ies) and wish to introduce your products to us, use this form.

Category Item Note
Metal workpieces Stamping Steel/Stainless steel
Castings Aluminum/Copper/Steel
Forgings Copper/Brass
Springs Steel/Stainless steel
Sheet-metal working Steel/Stainless steel
Machined parts Steel/Stainless steel
Complex sheet metal items Steel/Stainless steel
Nameplates Aluminum/Stainless steel
Plastics Molded parts -
Plastic cutting service -
Electric wire PEW・PVF・IV・KIV -
Paint Polyurethane paint/phthalic acid resin paint/thinner -
Raw material Electrical steel (grain oriented)/PET films/Insulating paper -
Resin Electrical steel (epoxy resin/quartz)/ PET films/Insulating paper -
Electrical/electronic parts Insulators/Semiconductors/Printed circuit boards -
Outsourced process Coating/Plating/Mounted boards/Wiring harnesses -

Also contact us if you wish to introduce your special technologies to us.


Purchasing Management Group,Purchasing Management Division

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