Dividend information

Dividend policy

Takaoka Toko believes that the fundamental requirement for meeting the shareholders’ expectations is to pay dividends to them in a steady manner. While making its management infrastructure stable, such as by strengthening its balance sheet, the company strives to ensure constant and steady payment of dividends twice a year: mid-term and term-end.

Regarding internal reserves, we will use them to fund required capital investments, research and development, and so on to maintain and improve our competitiveness and conduct proactive business development activities.

Meanwhile, decisions on mid-term and term-end dividends are made by the Board of Directors and at the general meeting of shareholders, respectively.

Dividend data

As of March 31, 2023
End of 2nd quarter Term-end Total Total amount of dividends
Term ending Mar. 2019 ¥25 ¥25 ¥50 ¥810 million
Term ending Mar. 2020 ¥25 ¥25 ¥50 ¥810 million
Term ending Mar. 2021 ¥25 ¥25 ¥50 ¥810 million
Term ending Mar. 2022 ¥25 ¥25 ¥50 ¥810 million
Term ending Mar. 2023 ¥25 ¥30 ¥55 ¥891 million