SCADA and Control SystemFault Locating System (SmartAFL)

Fault Locating System (SmartAFL)

SmartAFL is a Travelling Wave-based and Impedance-based distance-to-fault locating software package. Automatic fault location calculation engine gets Travelling Wave and Impedance records of both ends and the line parameters stored in system database to execute the appropriate distance-to-fault locating algorithms for the calculations.


  • SmartAFL utilizes SEL-411L with capability for TW and DFR (Digital Fault Recorder) data collection in order to calculate distance-to-fault using both TW and Impedance method
  • System sizing capacity for over 500 substations, 2000 lines and 2 million stored records
  • Distance to fault analysis and calculation by double end or single end method
  • Analytic results include: fault type, inception time, duration, distance, pre-fault current, fault current
  • Automatic notifications to email an/product/assets/img/d/or SMS
  • Results export in XML and COMTRADE (Common Format for Transient Data) format


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