Lightning Current Measuring Device for Wind Power PlantsLightning Current Measuring Device for Wind Power Plants

Lightning Current Measuring Device for Wind Power Plants

Measuring the current of lightning on a windmill at the foot of the tower reliably can clarify the frequency and timing of maintenance performed by the customer. Utilizing them for lightning damage recurrence prevention measures supports the improvement in the operation rate of wind power plants.


Check of lightning receiving level and determination of actual lightning damage conditions

Since the crest value and amount of charge in the lightning current can be compared to the degree of facility damage, they can be utilized to investigate the cause of windmill failure early.

Operation of automatic stop in the event of lightning

In the event of lightning, it is possible to output a contact signal as an alarm and to stop the windmill automatically if the determination value is exceeded. (The high-level control system needs to work together.)

Application to lightning damage certificate

This product measures the lightning current at the foot of the tower to determine the lightning strike on a windmill. And the highly precise clock utilizing GPS satellite records the exact time of the lightning strike. The recorded data can be utilized when making insurance claims as proof that the facility damage was caused by the lightning strike.

Utilization in the repair and maintenance of facilities

The life of components based on lightning damage can be determined by comparing the number and level of lightning strikes with actual facility damage conditions. In addition, quick maintenance actions of the anticipatory placement of an order for replacement parts can be taken, and the further increase in the operation rate of windmills is expected.

Measurement system configuration diagram

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