EV ChargingQuick Charger for EV 15kW

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Quick Charger for EV 15kW

Product Features

  • Thin wall-mounted type designed for efficient use of limited space; the industry’s thinnest at 200 mm*
  • Suitable for meeting private charging needs of corporations in their offices, factories, and buildings
  • Output capacity and size appropriate for destination charging and basic charging, with reasonable pricing
  • Intended for users interested in charging in 2 to 3 hours
  • Maximum output of 15 kW through one outlet, input of three-wire three-phase 200 V, operation at 90% conversion efficiency
  • Standard 5 m long cable; 7.5 m long cable optionally available
  • Superbly easy-to-handle 22 mm2 cable size thinner than those on previous quick charger models
  • Simple charging operation with instructions shown on a display
  • Maintenance services provided by MintWave Co., Ltd. (100% owned by Takaoka Toko)
  • Charging infrastructure subsidies available

Product descriptions

Model HFR1-15B11
Rated Output 15kW
CHAdeMO Ver.2.0
Input Voltage 3-phase 200VAC
Input Frequency 50Hz / 60Hz
Output Voltage 150 to 450VDC
Efficiency 90% or more
Protection Class IP44
Size W 700mm
H 815mm
D 200mm
Cable 5m
Mass 80kg
Ambient Temperature -10 ~ +40℃
Ambient Humidity 30 ~ 90%(No freezing or condensation)

* All information provided is subject to change without prior notice.


  • Self-sustaining stand fixture available
  • 7.5 m long cable available
  • Consult us if you require a specific coloring and/or logo design on the front (door).

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