IED stands for intelligent electronic device and enables system rationalization and standardization. In addition, this versatile system combines built-in functions for a wide range of user customization. We entered into a distributor agreement with Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories Inc. (SEL)*, which is a leading manufacturer in the United States, in July 2013 and started selling SEL products in Japan.

*About SEL
Established by Edmund O. Schweitzer III in 1982 in Pullman, Washington, SEL was the first in the world to introduce a digital protective relay into the electric industry. In order to create safer, more reliable and economic electricity, this company manufactures products for protection, monitoring, control, and measurement used in electric systems. In addition, SEL has sales bases in more than 22 countries around the world to develop solutions for 150 countries.


  • BThe specifications, environment resistance, and communication functions are compliant with international standards (such as IEC and IEEE).
  • Since this system is sold worldwide, the system itself is relatively inexpensive.

Built-in functions

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