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Gas Circuit Breaker

Our Gas Circuit Breaker is the dead tank type designed for rated interrupting current up to 31.5kA, which makes effective use of the high arc-extinguishing and insulation ability of SF6 (sulfur hexafluoride) gas.

(1) Single pressure type (puffer type) arc-extinguishing


  • Simplified structure and operation
  • Excellent fault current interrupting ability
  • 3-cycle interruption

(2) Dead tank construction


  • Built-in current transformers
  • Saving installation cost and space
  • Excellent seismic performance with low center of gravity
  • Easy maintenance / inspection

Main ratings

Applicable standard JEC-2300
Rated voltage [kV] 72 / 84
Rated normal current [A] 800, 1200, 2000
Rated breaking current [kA] 25
Rated making current [kA] 63
Rated short-time current 25(2sec)
Rated break time [cycles] 5, 3
Rated operating duty O-1min-CO-3min-CO

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