SCADA and Control SystemWide-Area Monitoring System with Synchrophasor (SmartWAMS)

Wide-Area Monitoring System with Synchrophasor (SmartWAMS)

SmartWAMS is a wide-area monitoring system that performs the collection, processing and displaying of synchrophasor data on the basis of Phasor Measurement Unit technology to reliably and timely monitor large-scaled power systems. SmartWAMS can be deployed independently of SCADA/EMS system and simultaneously supports SCADA/EMS systems for real-time/on-line monitoring and operation as well as calculation and post-operation analysis of power system.


  • Collect synchrophasor data in real-time up to 30 samples per second
  • Enhance system situational awareness by processing and displaying real-time data of system operation status on wide area:

     ✓Frequency (f) and rate of change of frequency (df/dt)
     ✓Magnitude and phase angle of voltage and current
     ✓Phase angle difference (dδ)
     ✓Power flow (MW, MVAr)
     ✓Voltage & angle sensitivities (dV/dP, dV/dQ, dδ/dP)
  • Calculate stability margin (steady state & voltage stabilities, etc.) and alert:

     ✓Load capacity of power grid based on phase angle difference
     ✓Frequency stability based on frequencies observed at various areas
     ✓System stability based on rate of change of parameters (voltage, frequency)
     ✓Voltage stability based on voltage magnitude and reactive power reserve
     ✓System stability based on sensitivity assessment (dV/dQ)
  • Provide data for optimal power flow calculation (OPF), voltage and reactive power regulation
  • Calculate power transmission limit and capacity of transmission lines with third-party softwares such as PSS/E, DigSILENT, Quick-Stab, etc.
  • Detect and localize events occurred on the grid which may have significant impact on operation of power system
  • Early detection of power fluctuations on power system
  • Store large amount of data in various database format: SQL, HIS, etc.


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