AOI (Automated Optical Inspection)FVI-series / Generic 3D Inspection System

FVI-series / Generic 3D Inspection System

The system measures and inspects the height, coplanarity, and depth of a wide variety of products at high speed and with high accuracy. We meet the needs ranging from product development to small-lot production.


Bump height repeatability (3 σ ave. 1 μm or lower)

The stage and sensor can be changed according to the inspection object

The bird's eye and cross section views can be displayed easily

The KN-type product (Z-axis displacement method) can support a measurement range of up to 5 mm.

Inspection items/Applications

Bump height, flatness (such as surface, pattern and terminal, etc.), cylindrical parts, surface roughness measurement, convex height, concave depth, projection measurement, inspection of foreign matter contained in a transparent substance, glass, and resin.


Major measurement items Bump Height
Bump Coplanarity
Bump Diameter
Field of View (FOV) 6.0mm×6.0mm
Throughput Varies depending on the workpiece
Z-measurement range 80 ~ 5,000μm
XY-resolution 7.8μm
Bump diameter ≧60μm
Bump pitch ≧100μm
Measurement repeatability (Height) 3σ ave. ≦ 1μm
System size (W)900mm×(D)1,100mm×(H)1,850mm


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