Substation EquipmentLow Voltage switchgear

(1)Power center

Power center

The power center is a low-voltage metal-enclosed switchgear that supplies power to low-voltage large- capacity (over 75kW) electrical motors and control centers. The chambers are divided for each load, and the ACB (Air Circuit Breaker) with over current relay opens/closes and protects the electrical circuit.


  • Busbar is covers by insulated tube to prevent internal short-circuit fault.
  • ACB can be drawn-out by hand stacker for easy inspection and maintenance.

Main ratings

Applicable standard JEM-1265
Rated voltage [V] 460/480 (3-phase)
Rated normal current [A] 1200, 2000, 3000, 4000
Rated short-time current [kA] 40 or 50 (1sec)

(2) Control Center

Control Center

The control center is a low-voltage metal-enclosed switchgear for opening/closing and protection for low- voltage electrical motors and various loads. The main circuit breaker, protection device, control switch, etc. are unitized for each circuit and are built into the cabinet as a stack.


  • The unit construction allows for flexible connection to various types of loads.
  • The operation handle of the circuit breaker is equipped with mechanical interlock for safety.
  • Each unit can be drawn-out easily for easy maintenance and inspection.

Main ratings

Applicable standard JEM-1195
Rated voltage [V] 200/220 or 400/440 (3-phase)
Rated normal current [A] Horizontal: 630~2000
Vertical: 630
Rated short-time current [kA] 30 or 50 (0.5sec)
Maximum unit stack number 8 units for single side

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