AOI (Automated Optical Inspection)Wafer Micro-bump Inspection System

The WVI-S8530 is the top-of-the-line system for micro-bump inspection compatible with 200 mm/300 mm wafers. This system, which achieved the highest level of high-speed and high-accuracy inspection in the industry, offers the best cost performance.


This inspection system inspects microbumps on wafers of the bump diameter class of 20 μm at high speed and with the industry’s highest accuracy.

Inspection items/Applications

Height of micro-bumps on a wafer, co-planarity of bumps, deviation of bump position, and bump existence inspection


Major measurement items Bump Height
Bump Coplanarity
Bump Diameter
Field of View (FOV) 6.0mm×6.0mm
Throughput 4WPH for 300mm size wafer
Z-measurement range 88μm
XY-resolution 2.5μm
Bump diameter ≧20μm
Bump pitch ≧40μm
Measurement repeatability (Height) 3σ ave. ≦ 0.2μm
System size TBA


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