EV ChargingQuick Charger for EV 120kW

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About quick charger

A quick charger is an equipment for charging the battery of electric vehicle (EV) in a short time. There are two types of chargers: "normal charger" and "quick charger". A "normal charger" charges the battery with AC output (200 V) and a "quick charger" charges it with DC output (150-450 V). TAKAOKA TOKO manufactures and sells quick chargers.

Largest domestic sales in the industry

We have a total sale of approx. 5,000 quick chargers in Japan, and many are installed in highway service and parking areas, convenience stores, roadside rest areas, and the like.

* As of March 2024

Compliant with CHAdeMO

Our product is CHAdeMO compliant, and is compatible with domestic and overseas EVs that are CHAdeMO compliant. Since the establishment of the "CHAdeMO standard", our company, which has been involved in the development of quick chargers, has been highly evaluated for its high quality and reliability, and has been adopted by many customers.

CHAdeMO Association Official Website

Reliable nationwide after-sales service

Even in the case of a problem, MintWave Co., Ltd.(our consolidated subsidiary) provides after-sales service anywhere in the nation.

Various functions

  • The power sharing function efficiently controls output balance.

Power sharing function

  • When charging two EVs, the power sharing function optimizes the charging time by automatically controlling the output according to their respective charge levels.*

    * Valid for dynamic-charging-capable EVs


  • Cable management device available to accommodate the charge cable, and prevent it from rubbing on the ground
  • Channel base available to ensure compatibility with piping on the sides or back, in addition to placing the power receiving cable vertically
  • Charge cables available in two sizes: high-continuous-rating 70 mm² (thick) and easy-to-handle 38 mm² (thin)

Product descriptions

Model HFR1-120B10
Rated Output 120kW
CHAdeMO Ver 2.0
Input Voltage Three-wire three-phase, 400 V AC
Input Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Output Voltage DC150 ~ 450V
Rated Output Current 200 A max.
Rated Output One outlet: 90 kW max.; two outlets: 120 kW max. in total
Efficiency 94% or more
Protection Class IP44
Size W 750㎜
H 1994㎜
D 642㎜
Mass 650㎏
Ambient Temperature -10 ~ 40℃
Ambient Humidity 30 ~ 90%
Billing System e-Mobility Power (other systems will be also supported)

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