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MV Vacuum Switch

Our MV Vacuum Switch has the best capability for electric furnace that have to be opened and closed many times with easiness of maintenance and reliable safety.


  • Superior breaking performance
    By using the vacuum interrupter, arcing time is short and breaking performance is satisfactory.
  • Longer service life
    Longer service life is achieved by adopting long life vacuum interrupter and simple constant excitation mechanism.
  • Easiness of maintenance and check
    Until the service life, the required maintenance is only lubrication once or twice a year.
  • High stability and safety
    Since the main body and surge absorber are installed in metal-enclosed box, stability is maintained even in dusty conditions. Also oil-free, it is safe without the risk of fire.

Main ratings

Rated voltage [kV] 24
Rated normal current [A] 600 1200 2000
Maximum breaking capacity [MVA] 250
Rated short-time current [kA] 25(2sec)
Electrical life [times operation] 150,0 100,000 60,000
Mechanical life [times operation] 300,000


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