Substation EquipmentMobile Transformer

1)Truck type

287.5/154/63kV 450/450/225MVA(for domestic)
20-ton truck type (up to 77kV/ 10MVA)
110/34.5 V 83MVA(for overseas)
25-ton truck type (up to 154kV / 10MVA)

2)Trailer and Skid Mounted Type

287.5/154/63kV 450/450/225MVA(for domestic)
66/3/3 V 17/12/5MVA

We deliver many mobile power transformers designed based on power transformer experience to customers all over the world. These mobile power transformers are actively used in the following situations and are highly evaluated by customers.


  • Quick restoration activities after site equipment accident or disasters
  • Temporary supply at construction work or maintenance work for substation

3)Mobile Switchgear

287.5/154/63kV 450/450/225MVA(for domestic)

*We offer a variety of lineups for Mobile Switchgear used with mobile transformers.

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