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About V2H

V2H is an abbreviation for "Vehicle to Home". V2H is a mechanism that uses the electricity stored in an electric vehicle (EV) at home.

Smaneco V2H is disconnected from the power grid

The grid-disconnected V2H is a method that switches between electricity from the power system and electricity from the EV.

Effective use of inexpensive late-night electricity

Emergency power supply and BCP measures in the event of a disaster

  • EVs in the event of a disaster can be used as emergency power sources to power houses and condominiums.
  • It is also recommended for BCP measures in the workplace.

In the case of a condominium

It is possible to use smartphone charging etc. in the common area of the building even in the event of a disaster.


We have realized a 3kW power supply system that allows continuous use of air conditioner, lighting, TV, refrigerator, etc. necessary for daily life.
This is the first grid-disconnected V2H certified by CHAdeMO Association.

Junction box

Size H 320mm
W 630mm
D 110mm
Mass 10kg

Main body

Size H 740mm
W 580mm
D 310mm
Mass 80kg

Combination of appliances that can be used simultaneously at 3kW


Item Contents
Model CFD1-B-V2H1
Function Charging function 150 to 450VDC, up to 3kW
Automatic charging power reduction at peak of electricity usage at home
Power supply function 200/100VAC, 3kW continuously, 6kW temporarily (within 2 minutes)
Operation method Manual by LCD panel, timer
Usage environment Installation location Outdoor (main body), indoor (junction box)
Ambient Temperature -20 to 40 ℃ (main body), 0 to 40 ℃ (junction box)
Ambient Humidity 30 to 90% (no condensation)
Driving sound 45 dB or less (main body)
Main body Size W580mm, H742mm, D310mm (not including protrusions)
Mass 80kg (not including connector)
Connector Cable 3.7m (standard) / 7.5m (option)
IP grade IP44 (excluding intake and exhaust ports)
Junction box Size W630mm, H320mm, D110mm
Mass 10kg
Electrical specifications AC side 1-phase 3-wire 200/100VAC, 50/60Hz, 3kW
DC side 150 to 450VDC, 3kW, 7.5A

Connectable Vehicles

Please contact us for the models of vehicles we tested the connection by ourselves. In Japan, we support the vehicles of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., MITSUBISHI MOTORS CORPORATION, and Toyota Motor Corporation.

Charging Power supply Necessity of start cable when power is supplied during a power outage
Nissan Motor Co.,Ltd. LEAF※1※2 Yes
e-NV200※2 Yes
Toyota Motor Corporation MIRAI(FCV)※6 × No (Use connector 3pin)
Prius PHV※7 No (Use connector 3pin)

※1 : Vehicles whose chassis number starts with "ZE0-" or vehicles is "AZE0-050001 to 053467" may need to change the program on the vehicle side. Please check with your Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. dealer in advance to see if power supply is available.

※2 : (1) EV-IT function cannot be used.
(2) When repeating charging and power supply operation, leave an interval of about 30 seconds.

※3 : i-MiEV model "HA3W" and MINICAB-MiEV VAN model "U67V" may need to change the program on the vehicle side. Please check with your MITSUBISHI MOTORS CORPORATION dealer in advance to see if power supply is available.

※4 : (1) Being equipped with a quick charging port is needed.
(2) To maintain the capacity of the drive battery, charge it to full capacity with normal charger once every two weeks as much as possible. (3) "Timer charging" and "pre-air conditioning" of MiEV remote control and Mitsubishi remote control cannot be used.

※5 : It cannot be charged and supply power when the engine is running or the ignition is ON.

※6 : Follow the instruction manual of the vehicle, set the vehicle side with the FC system stopped, and then start power supply.

※7 : (1) The partially improved model (capacity of 5 people) released in May 2019 is only supported.
(2) Limited to vehicles equipped with a quick charging inlet (external power supply function "with V2H") option.

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