SCADA and Control SystemDistribution Management System (DMS)

Distribution Management System (DMS)

DMS is a system used to improve the supply reliability, operational efficiency, and resilience of distribution network. Our DMS was developed combing concept of Distribution Automation System (DAS) used in Japan and the technology for IEC standards such as IEC 61850.


  • Minimizing power outage time in a distribution network using fault location detection, isolation and restoration function
  • Multi-Divided and Multi-Connected System for improving electrical supply reliability and maximum load current considering mutual support in the event of an accident
  • Fast recovery by using GIS (Geographic Information System) and OMS (Outage Management System) from power outage caused by large scale disaster
  • Optimization of renovation and expansion for distribution network
  • Enhancement of ability for mass-connection of RES (Renewable Energy Sources) to a distribution network
  • Linkage with existing SCADA using IEC protocol
  • Use of SCADA ready Recloser into DMS
  • Initial cost reduction through DMS sharing (Subscription)

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