SCADA and Control SystemSubstation automation system (@Station)

Substation automation system (@Station)

@Station is an integrated control and protection system designed for the operation of transmission and distribution substations. The system incorporates the latest technology in the field of substation automation to provide its users with innovative solutions to their requirements.


  • @Station complies with all current de jure and de facto industrial standards for open system. The system is fully certified to international standards:

    ✓IEC 61850 Certificate Level A
    ✓IEC 60870-5-101 Master/Slave Certificate Level A
    ✓IEC 60870-5-104 Master/Slave Certificate Level A
  • Interoperability with Multi-IED (Multi-Intelligent Electronic Device). @Station can be connected with IEDs from multiple leading manufacturers.
  • Storing of full and complete historical database on all system events.
  • Data collection from all kind of IEDs including: protection relays, BCUs, tariff meters, multi-meter, etc.
  • Addition of new functions and features allowed.


Modernization from conventional substation to digital substation, Part 1

Modernization from conventional substation to digital substation, Part 2


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