SCADA and Control SystemMicrogrid Controller System (@MicroGrid)

Microgrid Controller System (@MicroGrid)

@MicroGrid is the protection and control system solution for Microgrid which is designed and provided by ATS. @MicroGrid system fully meet international standards and can be engineered and customized to meet technical requirements of specific Microgrid project.


  • Can operate to support several objective functions: maximize energy self-sufficiency, minimize number or hours of existing diesel generator operation of utility, increase reliability, power quality and peak reduction, reduce power losses in distribution line, or Volt/Var control.
  • Can give weights or priority to avoid conflict between different objective functions. High priority objective function always has presidencies over lower priority objective function.
  • Can communicate with the existing diesel generator controller, charge controller, PCS controller, battery management system, floating solar and weather station.
  • Support forecast on loads and generations functions, and collect the weathers forecast data from agency.
  • Support to perform fault location, isolation and service restoration.
  • Microgrid control system and all components in the system will be synchronized by GPS time synchronization system.


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